Horse Henge Equine Spiritual Healing Inc. is a non-profit organization located in  Headwaters Horse Country in southern Ontario, Canada.    

We are focused on equine assisted learning therapy programs for veterans and others who would benefit from the healing power of the horse.                                            

Registration # 1896596, Ontario, Canada

We have 3-certified equine assisted personal development coaches, 2-equine emergency first aid instructors, 1-registered massage therapist who is also a yoga instructor. And our horses, of course.

Our programs are ground and mounted, as appropriate.  The partnership with our horses invites participants to bond, learn and grow with our programs. They are compassion based and offer a journey of self exploration in a trusting and creative environment.

There is structure at the equestrian facility as well as a natural area on the farm.   Structure to build confidence and work through obstacles and the natural setting to just relax and enjoy your horse or pony-pal.   On the valley site,  nature is all around and in abundance to enjoy and embrace.   Either way, it is a place to be one with the horse and let the horse guide and nudge the heart and soul into a state of happiness.   It is home, where we  are all a valued part of the herd.

From our time in the show circuit to equine husbandry and just regular work on the farm, our family is generational and international in its equine roots. Recognizing the healing value that the horse has to offer and appreciating  its longstanding contributions, we are replacing the traditional external ribbons, trophies and demands for internal exploration with the horse as our mentor.

Want to learn more? Send us an email below and let’s start the conversation.


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